A community-based effort to identify, document, and explore religion as it is lived in the wider St. Louis region through crowd-sourced digital photography

What does religion look like to you? What does it smell like? Sound like? Even taste like? What exactly is religion? Where do you find it? Does it stay in place or follow you throughout your day? If you aren’t religious yourself, do you still find religion in your day-to-day activities, whether in the people you encounter, the places you go, or the things you do? How is religion part of the history and experience of living in St. Louis?

We invite people of all ages and identities to submit original photographs of religion–whatever that means to you–in St. Louis for this #ArchCityReligion community photoburst. For photographers under the age of 18, please have a parent or legal guardian submit your work. All submissions are welcome and will help us better understand what and where religion is and does in the greater St. Louis area.

To participate, please submit an original photograph in one of five categories: SPACES, SENSES, WORDS, THINGS, or PRACTICES. By submitting a photograph, you grant Saint Louis University the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute copies, and publicly display your photo. All submissions will be archived and preserved for research and educational purposes. A selection of photoburst submissions will be featured in an online gallery and may be selected for public display in a local gallery.

This community-generated effort to collect photographs reflecting religion as it is lived and practiced throughout the St. Louis region (including the city, county, and surrounding bi-state areas) is part of Lived Religion in the Digital Age, a research initiative at Saint Louis University supported by the Henry Luce Foundation. Your participation in the photoburst is voluntary and contributes to this study by increasing understanding of religious practices, ideas, places, and experiences. No study is completely without risk, however risks to you as a participant in the photoburst are minimal. You may withdraw at anytime. Please direct inquiries to livedreligion@slu.edu.

The project is directed by Dr. Rachel McBride Lindsey, assistant professor of American religion and culture, and Dr. Pauline Lee, associate professor of Chinese religion and culture.

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