Thursday, October 10: Pere Marquette Gallery

12-1:30pm: Opening Lunch and Roundtable for Registered Participants
1:30-2pm: Break
2-4pm: Panel 1: Lived Religion and Lived Theology
        Dr. Nancy T. Ammerman, Boston University
        Dr. Mary Dunn, Saint Louis University
        Dr. Kristy Nabhan-Warren, The University of Iowa
        Dr. Teresa L. Smallwood, Vanderbilt Divinity School
4-6pm: Break
7pm: Keynote Address by Dr. Marla Frederick, Busch Auditorium, Cook Hall, Saint Louis University

Friday, October 11: Sinquefeld State Room

8:30am: Breakfast for Registered Participants
9-11am: Panel 2: Spaces
        Dr. Anna Bigelow, Stanford University
        Dr. Leonard C. McKinnis, II, Saint Louis University
        Dr. Lincoln MullenGeorge Mason University
        Dr. John G. Turner, George Mason University
11a-1pm: Break for lunch/explore
1-3pm: Panel 3: Bodies
        Dr. Emily Dumler-Winckler, Saint Louis University
        Dr. Kathleen Holscher, The University of New Mexico
        Dr. Shari Rabin, Oberlin College
        Dr. Tobias Benedikt Zürn, Washington University in St. Louis
4pm: Artist talk by documentary photographer Lauren Pond, Religion in the Midwest, Anheuser-Busch Auditorium, Cook Hall, Saint Louis University Reception to Follow

Saturday, October 12: Pere Marquette Gallery

9:45am: Coffee
10-12: Panel 4: Borders
        Dr. Kijan Bloomfield, Rhodes College
        Dr. Maggie Elmore, University of Notre Dame
        Dr. Michael Pasquier, Louisiana State University
        Dr. Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania
12-2pm: Lunch and Concluding Roundtable for Registered Participants